Procure • Review • Negotiate

Providing cost-effective solutions and a boutique customer service experience to the Worker's Compensation Industry for all Your Claimant's Ancillary Needs.


PRN Solutions will ensure the claimant receives the appropriate medical equipment and other ancillary services they need in a timely professional manner regardless of whether it comes from a local or national dispensing vendor. We guarantee pricing below the state fee schedules and U/C. Whether you need gauze, catheters, tape, orthotics, prosthetics, beds, wheelchairs or anything in between — PRN is here to help!


PRN Solutions provides two bill review options. First, PRN can provide traditional Bill Review platforms that combine state fee schedules with extensive network solutions. But in many situations, PRN Solution's enhanced bill review will review invoices, even after a dispensing vendor has billed for the medical equipment and supplies. In order, to ensure the lowest possible payment is made for the equipment. Enhanced Bill Review is proved at no additional charge. Enhanced Bill Review provides an efficient and cost-effective service to ensure that you pay the lowest possible price.


Any claim handled by PRN Solutions, whether a Procurement or Review, will be negotiated to ensure the lowest cost possible! Whether a large national dispensing vendor or a small local dispensing vendor, PRN will be working for you.

Our Mission is to provide these solutions to help facilitate your goal of the injured worker's quick and healthy return to work and to help effectively manage the cost of the long term care for more profoundly injured claimants.


Each Patient Care Representative has an average of 10+ years of experience in the Bill Review, Ancillary Services for the Workers Compensation industry.

PRN’s knowledgeable and caring staff, along with a singular focus on Bill Review, Ancillary Services, and Medical Supplies, makes us the right choice for your claimants and for you.