PRN Solutions can Procure any type of Home Medical Equipment your claimant may need. Everything from a Straight Cane to a Power Wheelchair, Urological/Ostomy or Wound Care Supplies to CPM Machines, any type of Prosthetic or Orthotic Device or Electrical Stimulator Units and Supplies…if a claimant needs it for use in their home, PRN Solutions can Procure the equipment for you.


When you receive a billing from a vendor, why send it to Bill Review which will incur processing fees and additional costs to the file. Send the billing to PRN Solutions and we will Review the bill to see if it is in compliance with State Mandated Fee Schedules and/or Usual & Customary charges.


Whether PRN Solutions has:
Procured the information on the front-end,
Reviewed a billing on the back-end,
      we will
Negotiate with the Dispensing Vendor….

And become the billing agent for the equipment dispensed. PRN Solutions will pay the dispensing vendor directly and then PRN Solutions will bill you at a rate that is BELOW the State Mandated Fee Schedule or Prevailing Usual & Customary Charges. PRN Solutions will do this without charging any Administrative or Processing Fees. You pay the price of the equipment only.

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